Building the Future Landscape of Geofencing

March 8, 2014

9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Classroom 106

As the utilization of geo-information by marketers and government organizations becomes widely adopted, the need to examine the personal privacy and business implications that geographically associated information touches arises.

What happens when a near by competitor pushes a message to a customer that is in your parking lot? As a retailer, should you own the rights to the airspace surrounding your establishment much like building owners can own air rights to build higher?

Collaborate to build the first crowd sourced geofencing manifesto, a sort of code of conduct mimicking the purpose of the internet users’ and Cluetrain manifestos. The session will first define and explore the current and future capabilities of the geo landscape. Attendees will then engage in debate on concerns, benefits, and rights for marketers, businesses, and customers. The session culminates as attendees build a manifesto to balance, protect, and promote the rights of all players within the geo landscape.


  • None. We will be introducing the topic to the participants & will build from there.

What to Bring:

  • Participants should bring a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop that is internet enabled.
Digital Strategy, Sr Assoc
Mgr, Bus Consulting
Sr Mgr, Technology
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