Advanced Drupal Development

March 9, 2014

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
2h 30m
Classroom 102

Most any CMS can do the simple things, but Drupal allows for some very advanced operations and sophisticated content modeling. We're going to spend 2.5 hours building out a very elaborate Job Posting website to show off some very advanced Drupal functionality.

In front of a live audience, I'm going to do the following: Create 2 custom content-types, Jop Post and Department, and add fields to them for collecting relevant data. We will be using the Entity Reference module to relate Job Posts to Departments and Users. Add fields to the user profile so that we can better use it to treat users as Faculty members. Categorize our job posts with Taxonomy Vocabularies and leverage the built in navigation structure that comes with Taxonomy. Use Display Suite to create custom layouts of data for use when referenced data is added to the page that refers to it. Use the Views module to create a Job Post listing page that offers advanced filtering options. After all that, we'll spend some time sprucing things up with some advanced image management and use the Views module for some other dynamic functionality like abstracting known data from a page and stuffing it in the sidebar.


  • If you know nothing about Drupal you may get slipped up on some terminology.
  • It would be nice if you know:
  • What a NODE is.
  • What TAXONOMY is.
  • What the VIEWS module is for, in general.

What to Bring:

  • If you want to follow along, you'll need a Drupal install.
  • You can set up a remote sandbox for free [no expiration] at
  • If you want a local install, then WAMP, LAMP and MAMP will serve you well.

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